Ever since I was a kid I was interested primarily in two things: technology and law. From T.V to books the main things I watched or read were sci-fi or crime related. I decided to explore the law career path first un University and after while completing my degree in Criminology and Political Science, I also took a computer science course. Having revitalized my interest in both learning and technology I decided to explore this career path more and I couldn't be happier. from participtaing in hackathons to coding away on side projects with a 120% course load, I often find myself happily coding for hours on end.

Technology in recent years has permeated through many aspects of every person's life. Whether it serves the purpose of increasing our productivity, helping us find the resources we need in our daily lives, connecting us with friends and family and to many of our recretaional activities including books, T.V and sports, the ability to significantly impact society through the development of ground breaking technologies has never been greater. With both a social science and computer science background, I am uniquely positioned to both understand in depth the problem's that face society and have the technical capabilities to solve them. I look forward to building something amazing with you!

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Designation Acheived:

Advanced Diploma: Computer Programming & Analysis (Candidate)

Relevant Courses

  • IPC144 - Intro to Programming Using C
  • ULI101 - Intro to UNIX/Linux and the Internet
  • CPR101 - Computer Principles for Programmers
  • DBS201 - Introduction to Database Design and SQL
  • DCF255 - Data Communications Fundamentals
  • OOP244 - Object Oriented Programming (C++)
  • WEB222 - Web Programming Principles

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Designation Acheived:

Honours Bachelor of Arts: Criminology & Political Science

Relevant Courses

  • CSC148 - Intro to Computer Science (Python)
  • CSC207 - Software Design (Java)

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Node JS
Angular JS
React JS
Android SDK
Git Hub
Express JS
Pycharm IDE
Visual Studio IDE
IntelliJ IDE

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